How Much Is Paid For

  • CV preparation can be a stand alone unit. It requires two hours of face-to-face detailed conversation so that I can discover the highlights, history, anecdotes, stumbling blocks and difficult to explain gaps. I then need a further two hours to prepare the CV. (total 4 hours)
  • Approach letters to potential employers must be persuasive, compelling, and have the ability to open doors. The CV preparation work must be done first so that the information to build the Approach letter is available. It takes two hours of constructive reasoning to find the inspiration and one hour to write. (total 3 hours)
  • At interview you have a free hand to explain in your own words why you are the best applicant for the job. This “Speech/Sales Pitch” can be crafted, composed and learned. The employer will also have questions to ask, and most of these can be predicted and answered well before the actual interview. I dedicate a total of four hours to interview technique which can be taken as appropriate. (total 4 hours)

My time is charged at £40 per hour. Total program £160 + £120 + £160 = £440 or part thereof

Prior to my semi retirement when office rent and overheads had to be paid this program was charged at £1600.