How Much Is Free

If you live within travelling distance of Bolton we can meet at my home/office for a face-to-face chat. I can usually spare an hour. Give me a call on 01204 853231 and we can set up a time.

If you live further afield, just call me on 01204 853231. I can often spare an hour to help you over the phone. If I can help you get things into better focus and back on the way to landing a good job, then my day has been well spent.

  • Strategy is the set of tactics used to increase your prospects of finding a well-paid job quickly. Some promote themselves with random adjectives ┬ásuch as hard-working, loyal and enthusiastic. Some try the eight page CV. Most practice their interview technique in front of an employer. We can talk about how you see the way ahead, and I will give you my honest opinion – no charge.
  • CVs either generate a useful hit rate of interviews or they generate reject letters. I will tell you exactly what I approve and what I dislike about your CV and how it can be significantly improved – no charge.
  • Interviews are your opportunity to persuade an employer to make you a job offer; yet most job hunters do not have a prepared account of why they are suitable for any vacancy. I will give you a taste of the Dragons’ Den style of interview and we can see how you respond. My criticism can be harsh but it is well-intentioned – no charge.