Some of us learn from other people's mistakes;

the rest of us have to be the other people.

Jobwinner is a largely free resource to help mid- to senior- level managers and directors get back into the workforce. Check out my page on How Much Is Free to see if I can be a real help to your job search.

Outplacement is the name given to career guidance counselling. It comprises a realistic assessment of what is achievable and the tools to make it happen. These are not complex issues. The Paperwork has to generate the Interview and the words said at Interview have to be compelling enough to get a job offer.

The mistakes can be simple and costly. Yes, applicants do mention that they are ardent supporters of Manchester United when applying for job in Liverpool. Yes, they do drive home from critical interviews and come up with better answers in the car than they did when it mattered. Hindsight wisdom is expensive; so, too is the mortgage.

From 1990 until my semi-retirement in 2009 I ran Executive Short List in Bolton dealing with Outplacement and Recruitment. These two disciplines have a "poacher versus gamekeeper" association. I now provide an Outplacement service from my home/office in Turton which is north of Bolton. Much of my offering is free simply because the overheads are measured in phone calls, tea bags and biscuits. If I can spend an hour face-to-face or over the phone and sort a problem for you, then my day has been well spent. For those services where there is a modest fee the work involved will be to a very high standard and a fraction of what the so-called elite will charge. Check out my page on How Much Is Paid For to get an idea of the options.

Some career guidance counsellors prefer to train their clients in CV preparation. If it works, they will take the credit; if it does not work,   you were not a very good student. I write the CV, if it does not work it is my fault. I can critique a CV for no charge. To compile one takes a total of four hours. I need to know your career inside out. I am not a typing service!

Applicants rarely know what to say at Interview; their excuse runs along the lines of “I do not know what the questions will be, so how can I prepare my answers?” Simply put, this is balderdash. The questions can be predicted and strong answers can be constructed. It is all about "thinking time".

My expertise is in the disciplines of Sales & Marketing, Construction, Technology, Engineering,  Production, Accountancy, Procurement, Human Resources, Office Management, Research & Development, Project Management, Process Engineering and Logistics.